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Everyone will need medication at some point in their lives. Whether you're dealing with over the counter or prescription medication, the information about these drugs can be quite overwhelming. Add to that the constant advancements in medicine and the confusion gets even worse.

The first two places you should look for information about the medications you are taking are your doctor and pharmacist. They will have the most up to date and complete information that you need to know. Drug interactions and side effects can be more than inconvenient, they can be deadly. You should always speak to these professionals about both your prescriptions and over the counter medications.

New Treatments

New treatments keep popping up all the time, especially online. One interesting treatment that came up recently is for molluscum contagoisum. The full details of the treatment for this virus can be found at the Treat Molluscum website.


This website does not provide medical information. It is simply a short discussion of the types of medication available. From allergy medication to psychiatric medication to pet medication, this website will get you started in your research. But remember, always speak to your doctor or pharmacist before beginning new medications.